November 3

Setting up your first website for your business


A website is important for companies, entrepreneurs and anyone selling products and services. Regardless of an individual other marketing technique, allowing potential customers to find his or her company through Google search is the key to creating and getting new clients. Therefore, if a person is selling products and services online, having a web page is crucial. The site should contain his or her experience, background, and other credentials to provide credibility and give clients more confidence. Setting up your first website for your business is easier than anyone would think. One can easily create or hire a web developer to create the business site at a modest cost. The following tips were found helpful when creating the first business website.

Decide on the goal of the website

First, one should decide what he or she intends to do with the site. One may choose to use the site to offer more information to potential clients, provide articles about the company or sell products and services. Deciding on the purpose of creating the web page is crucial since it allows one to know how to develop it going forward. Therefore, one should do a lot of research and plan before creating a web page. This will prevent waste of time and money.

Choose the Domain Name

Before selecting a website name, it is important for one to pick a topic. A domain name should be unique and so; one should not pick a name that has already been registered. Think of a name and confirm whether it has already been used. When choosing the name, keep it short and simple to pronounce. The business website name can also contain the words that people are likely to use when looking for the company. If one prefers the business name and domain name to be the same, it is a great idea to secure the domain name before deciding on the name of the firm. On the other hand, one might get the company set up and then realize later that he or she cannot have a web page by that name. When registering the domain name, it is imperative to decide on the suffix that comes at the end of the site name. The most common suffix is .com; however, there are many other such as .net and

Building the website

When it comes to establishing and designing a web page, one can either do it or hire someone to design it. Most business websites are mostly developed from templates and are often free on the internet. On the other hand, one can hire a web company to design and build the website as he or she concentrates on other matters of the business. A qualified web design company will use programmers and graphic designers to provide the web page. When selecting a web company, one can search for websites or ask for a recommendation from friends. One should check the company’s website and look at its portfolio.

Outline the web content

Company’s website works well when they are kept simple and precise. They also tend to follow a standard format. On the homepage, one should put the name of the business, location, what makes the company unique and why the clients should choose that business. The web page should also contain the details about the products and services. On this page one should describe products or services, describing each one of them and giving the pricing. On the About Us page, one should provide the company background and membership details. Additionally, he or she should not forget to include the testimonials as they make the business seem more credible. Finally, it is essential for an individual to provide his or her contacts including, address, email, phone number and the hours of opening the business. Also, include the links to any social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Choose a web host

A website requires hosting in a good web server so that to be available on the internet. Hosting includes serving, maintaining and housing files so that the customers can see the site content. Various companies offer free hosting space such as Google and BT. Knowing the type of hosting that will work well will depend on factors such as whether the company contains a lot of images or volume of the traffic.

Get visitors to the website

After setting up your first website site, one will need to get people to visit it. There are many ways to attract visitors to the site such as entering specific terms into SEO, pay per click, typing in the URL or through links from other locations. SEO is designed to enhance the web page visibility in the search engine ranking. Pay per click allows an individual to bid against other businesses using similar search terms. Businesses are then charged a certain amount of money whenever a person clicks on their site. Additionally, one should ensure that he or she uses URL in all the advertising materials.


Creating a business website for the first time does not have to be hard. One can either approach it in a complex way or keep it simple by using the right tools. With a good website builder, one can establish a functional and professional website.


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