November 3

Using social media to promote your website


The idea of creating your first website can be daunting. Surprisingly, you don’t even need to be a programmer to create a functional website. Getting your first website is much like learning to ride a bicycle. There are a lot of things you need to learn and you are prone to fall down. But lots of people learn how to ride bicycles and many others how to built websites. First, the website needs to be dedicated to a particular goal. A website without any specific goal is a waste of time and resources. Let’s get the wheels rolling.


Start using social media to promote your website

Social media is an excellent place to popularise your website to the masses. You need to begin by establishing special accounts on the social networks dedicated to promoting your website. Begin by posting snippets of your websites content on the social media accounts to entice your followers to visit the website. You can also provide links leading to some interesting stories and other related content on the website. Take the case of YouTube for example: if you have a technology or fashion related website, you can review products on your YouTube channel and then provide viewers with links leading to the products on your website.

Write your own content

Writing the content meant for your website yourself is like a mechanic repairing his own car, you understand what it needs and even the quality among other aspects. There is one good thing about writing your own content: You are conversant of what you are writing. If you must hire someone to do it then ensure that you have given out the basics about what you require.

Create a catchy domain name for your website

A domain name is what a user types in the address bar of a web browser to reach your website. Your domain name needs to be effective. There is an array of things you need to put into consideration to ensure that your domain is effective.

  • Let the domain name be descriptive of your product
  • If your website is meant for your company, pick the company’s name as the domain name.
  • Keep the domain name short
  • Ensure it is easily understandable when spoken. Therefore, avoid using numerals and hyphens
  • Although there are many domain name extensions available, consider using the most popular .com extension

You should own the domain name by purchasing it. There are many companies that offer free domain names but they are not recommendable especially for professional websites.

Utilize Calls to action

Do you want visitors to sign-up for your newsletter? Would you like them to peruse through your collection of items? You can accomplish all these by utilizing the call to action feature which adds a form on the home page among other things to interact with new users when they visit your website. You can also incorporate bots to interact with the visitors on issues concerning customer care and even asking visitors what you can do for them.

Develop a page hierarchy

A comprehensive website has a range of different pages. You have to choose between two formats to ease the navigation process. First, you can settle on the simple format which includes a home page, contact page and about page. The second format is a little intricate and assigns different services with different pages with one main service page offering a general outlook. Developing a page hierarchy is the first thing you need to consider even before embarking on building the website.

Focus on website SEO

SEO is a great way of promoting your website. Search Engine Optimization serves to boost the rankings of your website on results generated by search engines. Use Google keyword planner to pick the best keyword for your niche. Remember to include other elements of SEO such as Meta description, headlines, Alt tags among others. Promoting your website using SEO is an excellent way to gain higher rankings and generates traffic.

Blogging and guest blogging

Blogs can be a nice source of free and authentic content for your website. You should also write for other prominent bloggers to increase your websites outreach.


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