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Use Social To Generate Mass Leads

Having a social media account for your business allows you to create conversations, listen, and engage with potential customers.

By posting relevant and interactive content on a regular basis, your customers will develop into loyal brand advocates.

Bright Yellow Media - Social Media Management Falkirk can help you Tell A Story

Active social media users are looking for interesting and relevant content that is on-brand and contributes positively to their social media feed.

If you set up an official account on any social media platform it will be viewed as an extension of the business.

Social media can be used for marketing & as a customer service channel.

Be at the front of mind for your customers

Social media is a two-way channel where you have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with your customers.

Communicating with customers on social media allows for a public dialogue where both participants have equal opportunity to get their point across.

Many customers use social media to express opinions about goods and services either directly to the company or to friends and followers online.

Having a business social account encourages this type of communication therefore indicating that your business is honest and open.

This promotes trust in your customers and will encourage them to return to you time and time again.

Build brand awareness

We at Bright Yellow Media - Social Media Management Falkirk provide professional social media monitoring and management for businesses across various industries that don’t have the time or expertise to manage their own social media channels.

Our team have years of experience in social media marketing including both organic content and cost-per-click advertising.

This means that whatever your goals, we have the knowledge and skill to come up with effective strategies and to implement them with glowing results.

Generate leads online

Improve your online visibility with social media ads.

These pay per click advertising platforms ensure that your campaigns are noticed on the pages of everybody who is deemed by the social media channels as most likely to click through to your campaign.

Every business has a varied average cost-per-click for advertising depending on their targets.

Whether you are looking to gain followers, likes, or simply visits to your website, there is a social media advertising channel for your business.

Reach millions of people

The most visited websites – besides search engines -are social media websites.

Facebook and Twitter boast millions of visitors to their websites on a daily basis, with Twitter being used by 232 million active users and Facebook reaching over 1 billion users.

You will also know that a business that reaches out to customers on a regular basis is more likely to succeed in achieving the sales it desires.

When buying products or services from a company for the first time, many people will search for the official business account on social media management Falkirk channels.

If the business is found to have an active social account displaying posts and public dialogues between brand and customers from a recent date, it verifies authenticity of the business.

This builds trust from customers.

Even if you have set an account up for your business, unprofessional or irrelevant posts and irregular updates could put off potential sales.

Your business should always keep the following in mind for social media:

Communicating regularly with customers.

Keeping your content relevant to your target market.

Regular content updates.

News and Article links to website to increase traffic.

Managing your social media accounts well can unlock the chance to reach a far wider audience.

However, not every business has the staff, resources or time to dedicate to optimum social media management and monitoring.

  • Solution: Invest in a social media company to manage your social accounts & campaigns.

Establish your company as one that understands the importance of modern technology and advances on the internet by working with our team.

Reach a Global Audience

Social media has become the internet’s major source of viral media.

As a consequence, a large portion of campaigns have moved to social media management Falkirk .

More & more businesses are using Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook ads in the hopes of going viral with their content.

All it takes is one fantastic idea for your brand to be exposed to hundreds of thousands of people. Bright Yellow Media - Social Media Management Falkirk has the potential to sky rocket your business’s exposure.

A simple ‘like’ or ‘share’ on Facebook can display to somebody’s friends list which could be anywhere between 100 – 1000 people on average.

Twitter’s retweet system could reach even more people by displaying a user’s retweets to their followers.

Getting your brand recognised is all about creating striking content that is meaningful and therefore will remain with your readers long after they have seen it.

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